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“If I were to use alliteration to describe the service I received from Dr. Sayegh and his team, I would say: Personable, Professional, Passionate, and Perfectionist. I first went to an orthodontist when I was 9 years old. My teeth were a mess! Not only were all my teeth crammed in crookedly into too small of a space, but I had teeth that grew in the wrong places and teeth that never showed up! After 3.5 years of braces, an implant specialist in Maine made an attempt to put in an implant, but the gap was too small so he had to stop the process. He placed a partial tooth in the gap until I could have a later implant after returning from a year abroad. In fall of 2012, after my first year of college at Azusa Pacific University, I road my bike by Dr. Sayegh’s office and figured I would stop in to gather more information about what I could do with my teeth situation. 

Although I was discouraged by how long the process had already taken to get me to only a frustrated smile, I was encouraged by how confident Dr. Sayegh was in being able to improve the state of my smile. Because I studied in Costa Rica during my Spring 2013 semester, the process took a bit longer. Nonetheless, Dr. Sayegh recommended that I see his professional associate Dr. Pawley in order to get braces for the second time. He explained that doing this would widen my bite and allow for more room so that he could place the the best possible implant into my mouth. June 21st, 2013, I got my braces on. November 17, 2014, I had my braces taken off – Dr. Sayegh said the results were better than expected. So with that he placed the implant and put on a temporary tooth while the implant completely set to the bone. 

It is now March 19th, and today I have finally received the conclusive treatment and my final crown has been placed on my teeth. I am very satisfied with the outcome! I am thankful for how diligent Dr. Sayegh was throughout this long implant process. We faced many challenges with my teeth along the way, with cavities, not enough space to place implants, and a few other potential road blocks. I was not concerned that he was charging me for things that I didn’t need. He is a specialist so his prices might be higher than the “$399 implants” billboards that are advertised on the freeways. But I believe that the extra cost more than makes up for it when it comes down to a level of trust that I was able to have with Dr. Sayegh and his team. I felt cared for and valued by them and I could trust that Dr. Sayegh was performing with my best intentions in mind. That way when I walked into the office I didn’t have to worry about whether I was going to be ripped off or harmed, and I could rest assured that my teeth were being cared for by a professional who was passionate about his work and wanted to create a masterpiece of a smile and have a very satisfied customer above a pay-check! 

If you have had a complicated dental/implant history, then I would highly recommend you visit Dr. Sayegh’s office and have a consultation. You will see for yourself how great of an individual Dr. Sayegh truly is!”

“Upon my first visit with Dr. Sayegh, I was almost confused on how comfortable I felt within minutes of being there. I felt welcomed as if I had known the staff since childhood. Most importantly, I felt comfortable enough to speak of the negative impact my teeth have had on me throughout my life. Having done so, each visit thereafter became discussions about the best solution for my dental issues. I wanted to know what it felt like to smile for the first time in 33 years, and he was confident he could make that happen. Meeting Dr. Sayegh has truly changed my life and I would strongly recommend him to anyone searching for a great dentist.”

“The best Dentist ever!! All I can say is after seeing Dr. Sayegh and his staff you’ll never say you hate going to the dentist again!! I have been going here since I was a student at Azusa Pacific University which has been 5 years ago now. I live have since moved to Long Beach and I STILL commute to see Dr. Sayegh in Glendora. I have never been keen on going to the dentist and would do everything in my power to avoid it (like everyone, unless he is your dentist) and now I look forward to catching up with them and knowing that I am taking the best care possible of my teeth. I am extremely picky and if you can believe it he is more! Which makes it that much better seeing him because of how much he truly cares about you as a patient and wanting you to have the best experience possible! I never leave there unhappy or in any pain! Everything here is top of the art even the laser drills for painless work as well are a bonus! 

I can’t say enough about Dr. Sayegh and his staff and the knowledge and care they utilize on their patients and the follow up they have is top notch! If this didn’t do enough to express my love for this place these pictures will:) The pictures of my husband and I were taken after our routine visits and my superb bonding job for a perfect wedding day smile and my husbands teeth whitening was incredible and a HUGE transformation as well!

I hope you experience what it’s like to love your dentist and have the best smile of your life!”

“Awesome dentist! Dr. Sayegh and his team are, by far, the best dental professionals that anyone could ask for. His office is “state-of-the-art” and his approach to each patient is exceptionally personalized and very detailed. He is passionate about caring for his patients and works tirelessly to make sure that his techniques and outcomes are the very best possible. How many dentists will call you in the evening after a procedure to make sure that you are doing well? Dr. Sayegh is the only one that I have ever known who does this routinely. He also goes out of his way to adjust his schedule to accommodate special needs that may arise…. always at the patient’s convenience. Goodness knows how many hours per week he works….??? I have gone to him for the past 6 years and only wish that I had discovered him sooner. In addition to routine procedures, he has done some very effective periodontal work (grafting) that another “highly regarded” periodontist did not believe would make a difference for me. The good news is that Dr. Sayegh took great care in performing the gum surgery and the results have exceeded our expectations. This type of dental care is simply priceless!”

“Doctor Sayegh has been our dentist for quite some time now. My wife had a fear of dentists, but Dr. Sayegh put her at ease. He is caring, attentive, and always does what’s best for her (and me too). The doctor calls in the evening after performing a procedure to ensure my wife is doing well. We couldn’t ask for more. Additionally, the doctor’s staff is great! The assistants and hygienists are very good, and his front office staff is super. They are courteous, professional and very helpful. We couldn’t ask for more from a dentist and his staff.” 

“I have been going to Dr. Sayegh for 3 years, now. In those 3 years, Dr. Sayegh and his very helpful, friendly staff have squeezed me in for numerous emergency appointments

Dr. Sayegh also calls you, every night, after dental surgery, to ask how you’re doing. I could go on and on about the attentiveness of this dentist and the staff, but I think you get the idea. Not to mention the convenience of being able to get your teeth cleaned, cavities filled, and implants done all in the same office!

I have never had to wait for more than 5 minutes, once arriving for my appointment. And there is none of that being-abandoned-in-a-­waiting-room-for-45-­minutes-while-the-­dentist-attends-to-his-­triple-booked-appointments business, here”

Dr. Sayegh is the finest dentist I know.  He is on the cutting edge of the most innovative procedures and treatments for patients with complicated dental issues and his office is designed and equipped with the most current dental technology.  His concern for the best outcome for his patients is reflected in many ways; for example, he always calls his patients in the evening after a difficult procedure to ascertain how they’re doing, and is always on call should an emergency arise. Ten years ago I was resigned to living with loose teeth and/or dentures.  But Dr. Sayegh assured me that implants were an option and today I enjoy the security and confidence that comes with a nice smile and healthy teeth.  In the years since the work was completed, I have never had a single problem. Today when I go into his office for my routine care, I feel like I’m visiting good friends.  Every member of Dr. Sayegh’s staff reflects his commitment to excellence and to providing quality care and support to his patients. He is a five star dentist, without question!”