Trauma on Upper Front Teeth with Aesthetic Challenge – Antoine S. Sayegh, DDS

pic 1 root canal

Patient had history of trauma at 18 year old affected the three front teeth, root canals were done and stabilized with braces, recently a fistula showed up by the root apex of the left central.

pic 2 x ray

X-ray shows an external resorption on the root (a common dilemma on teeth that sustain trauma) the prognosis is poor and an extraction is needed.

pic 3 gum line infected tooth

Notice the gum line of the infected tooth is higher than the other adjacent central (esthetic challenge)

An extraction was performed with an immediate implant placement ,flapless technique used (no gum cutting)

Temporary removable prosthesis in place (notice the start results of growing more gum to the level of the adjacent central).

Final crown delivery 2010. Patient went to college away for several years.

Patient came back after finish school, photo of final crown in 2016 shows the gum line level final settlement.