A Brighter Smile: Teeth Whitening

White Teeth GlendoraDid you know that studies prove that white teeth lead to greater success at home and on the job? Nothing beats a beautiful smile. And when it comes to teeth, white (not yellow) is the desired color. Dr. Sayegh and the staff at ImplantaSmile in Glendora and Huntington Beach offer a host of dental services, all of which give patients a lot to smile about!White Teeth Huntington Beach

White Teeth Matter:

  1. People tend to view job prospects as “more employable” if their teeth are white.
  2. Study respondents thought that people who had white teeth were younger looking than their yellow-teethed peers.
  3. More than half of interviewed singles say that teeth are the most important asset in a prospective date.
  4. Singles agree one of the most important traits for physical attraction is white teeth!
  5. White teeth give people confidence.

A variety of factors contribute to yellowing teeth:

  • Genetics –While some families lead charmed lives, sporting straight, white teeth. Must be nice! The rest of us come from a less ideal genetic line. Tooth color is genetic. So, if your teeth are yellow, you may be able to blame it on your family tree!White Teeth Genetics
  • Lifestyle – Due to certain foods, drinks and lifestyle behaviors, such as smoking, surface stains occur on or beneath the enamel. If left unaddressed, these stains penetrate the enamel and change the color of the dentin, which darkens appearance of the tooth. When this occurs, the tooth discolors. Unfortunately, the only way to reverse this is to whiten the teeth and then avoid the behavior that led to staining. Coffee Stains Teeth
  • Pharmacological – Certain medications can alter the color of teeth. If you take prescription pills, ask your doctor whether side effects could be altering the appearance of your teeth.

Medication Teeth StainEven if you have less than ideal genes, drink coffee and take prescription medications, there is hope! Dr. Sayegh and the staff at Implant a Smile can help you achieve a white, bright smile.

The Teeth Whitening Process

Four different types of teeth whitening techniques:

  1. *Over the counter paste or gel, which patients buy directly from drug stores or grocery stores.Over the Counter Teeth Whitening


  1. *Over-the-counter Quick Trays (such as Crest whitening strips). People apply these nightly. Although they work, bleaching effect is limited to the six front teeth.
  2. In Office Teeth BleachingIn-Office Bleaching. For this procedure, you will stay in the office for about an hour. The ImplantaSmile staff will apply a highly-concentrated bleaching gel, which whitens the teeth even as you are in the chair. If you opt for this, you will leave the office with teeth that are shades brighter and whiter than when you arrived. Teeth Whitening Tray
  3. Take-Home Bleach. This technique is popular because it is more affordable than in-office bleaching and can be repeated as often as necessary. Dr. Sayegh and his staff will take an impression of your teeth, to make a specialized mouth guard or stent, which will hold bleaching solution against your teeth. You will load the material into the guard and wear for 2-3 hours, for one or two weeks. After this initial bleaching-period, you will notice significant whitening. In some cases, the change is nothing short of brilliant. For confidence in your appearance, this bleaching technology allows us to reverse yellowing, aging, and/or stained teeth. For very severely stained teeth, crowns or veneers may be more appropriate. The gel is available in a variety of different concentrations, including one designed especially for people who are sensitive to bleach.
    Take Home Teeth Bleaching System
  4. Combo. Sometimes, patients opt to use a combination of in-office and home-bleaching follow up, for immediate impact, maximum effect and long-term results.

Note: While you can purchase over-the-counter bleaching agents at drug stores and pharmacies, these products can harm your gums and teeth. To avoid damaging your enamel, use products endorsed by Dr. Sayegh.


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