10 Steps for Taking Care of Your Teeth this Holiday Season

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After turning the corner on Halloween, we have officially entered the holiday season. Even though you are probably juggling a full calendar, don’t let yourself become overwhelmed at the expense of your teeth. November 1 through January 1 is critical for dental health, because so many festivities center around food.

Dental Holiday SweetsTo help you enjoy a worry-free holiday season, we would like to share a few ideas to help you take care of your teeth:

  1. Don’t give healthy dental routines the slip. Regular brushing and flossing, even when things get hectic, can protect your teeth.
  2. If you have remaining coverage available on your dental insurance, use it so you won’t lose it. Most dental benefits expire on Dec. 31. So, if your teeth need work, take advantage of your 2017 benefits.
  3. Dental Care ChristmasAfter enjoying a rich holiday meal, take a few minutes to brush and floss. Although dietary indulgence is part and parcel for the season, dental neglect doesn’t have to be.
  4. Winter Sports Dental SafetyUse a mouth-guard if you play winter sports.
  5. Avoid opening packages by using your teeth. Your mother told you not to use your teeth for things like that. She was right!
  6. Schedule a post-holiday checkup and cleaning to make sure you start the new year clean and cavity-free.
  7. Drink plenty of water, especially when you are enjoying sugary treats or rich, fatty meals. Water flushes the system, so it’s healthy not just for teeth but for your entire body.
  8. Christmas Fruit Dental CareWhenever possible, opt for fresh fruit instead of sugar laden snacks and desserts. They will help satisfy your sweet tooth without harming your actual teeth. And when you decide to enjoy a slice or pumpkin pie or a sugar cookie, remember that moderation is key. No need to abstain. Just monitor your intake of anything that has refined sugar.
  9. If your kids are in school, schedule a dental appointment while they are on winter break. This is an ideal time for dental work, including wisdom teeth extractions or fillings.

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  10. Give the gift of a bright smile. From now until Dec. 22, Dr. Sayegh is offering a special discount on whitening kits. Call today to take advantage of the special or to give the gift of white teeth to someone you love.Glendora Dental Work

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